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Looking for a fun adult rec hockey program to join? has just what you are looking for. Programs for all skill levels. Meet people, have fun and get active!

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We are crazy about hockey! We dream about dangles, stretching the perfect pass and popping the water bottle. We endure the cold months being drawn to frozen ponds, out door rinks and dark arenas. And in the warm months, who doesn't love leaving the rink in sandals and shorts!? Its a simple fact of Canadian life, no matter what day of the year it is, we are! is proud to introduce a one of a kind management tool that helps players centralize their rec hockey needs.

Our objective is to create a national information "hub" where adult recreational hockey players can easily locate teams in their region to join, can keep up to date with league activities and have access to a variety of industry and educational resources all under one roof!

As the MRH network grows, more players will use this site to access information about local rec and pick up hockey organizations.  Each registered team will have their own "Player's Lounge" where potential new recruits can gain live access to external websites or social medias linked to an organization. New players will be able to learn more about the team, its members, any seasonal updates, rosters, statistics, registration, payment and more.

Who can benefit from this website? If you play rec hockey, its guaranteed that you know one or two people that run a small program, or occasionally pick up some available ice from a local arena and set up a game. With the increasing cost of ice rentals and the shortages of available ice (as competitive leagues grow) it is becoming increasingly more hard for the small pick up organizers to get the ice, promote an event and get the message out to a large group of available players. Often the games are under populated, which directly affects the enjoyment of everyone at the game. Using will make all of this significanlty more easy!

Oh, did we forget to mention... it's a FREE SERVICE!  There are no membership fees required to belong to!

Let us locate teams for you to join, or make it simple for conveners to organize their rosters; and if it’s a goaltender that you require – we’ve got that covered too! is a free service brought to you by! Established in 1998, the CG forums is a place where goaltenders can connect with teams and conveners can find that next great netminder! It is a well established system and should be the first place a convener goes if they are looking for a goalie, or even an occasional spare replacement. It is NOT a rental service and goaltenders are as part of the membership agreement, goaltenders are not paid to play. Click the CG logo and check it out! - Is the parent organization of both and It is through their recreational hockey organization that funding is made possible to offer these services at no charge. Based out of Ottawa, CapitalHockey has been running adult rec hockey programs for over 16 years. Our network of has over 400 members to which we offer programs (of varied skill levels) continuously throughout the year.

As you browse through the site, should you have any questions or would like to add some hockey related content to help enhance this site, please feel free to contact the administrator. We'd be happy to hear from you!