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2.0 Weekly Administration
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Section 6: Payment Information

6.0: Payment Information, Due Dates, Costs, Fees etc

6.1: Payment Methods

6.2: Overdue Payments

6.3: Deferred/ Split Payments

Section 7: Refunds

7.0: Refunds, Reimbursements and Compensation

7.1: Session Starts and Conclusions

7.2: Missed Games

7.3: Game Starting Time

7.4 Personal Conduct

7.5 Suspensions

7.6 Expulsions From a Program

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        Giving The Red Line



Unless previously indicated the seasons will run as follows:

* Fall/ Winter programs: 3rd week of September thru to the end of April

Payment due date for the upcoming Summer program will be the first week of March.

* Summer programs: First week of May thru to the 2nd week of September.

Payment due date for the upcoming Fall/ Winter program will be the first week of August.

* 2 Hour Annual Christmas Week Game: Will be held on one of the following - Dec 27, 28, 29 or 30th (always on a week day).


Due dates: Payment for all programs are always due 3 weeks prior to the start of the session. The actual due dates will always be posted on the CH website (see the master schedule for your current event).

Seasonal Fluctuations: The city of Ottawa charges a premium for summer ice rentals and as such our summer programs are typically more costly than games run in the fall/ winter.


Session costs may fluctuate without notice. rents their ice from the city of Ottawa. Should there be in increase to our rental or user fees, the additional costs will be passed onto the players.
Capitalhockey does not charge tax and/or issue receipts for any of their programs.

Maintenance Fee: in circumstances where a players communication (back to the administrator) is poor, a $50.00 maintenance fee may be applied to their session fees. The player will receive the $50.00 fee back at the end of the session should they utilize properly the CH websystem, keeping their attendance up to date and current (and without having to be chased). Failure to properly communicate with the league will result in the forfeiture of the players maintenance fee. The addition of this fee is at the discretion of the administrator and may be applied to a players registration costs with minimal notice.

Jersey Fee: If players are provided a owned jersey to wear during a game, session or tournament, a jersey fee (TBA) will be charged to the player. That fee will be fully reimbursed when the jersey is returned (cleaned and in good condition). If the jersey is not returned, or returned in poor (or unclean) condition - the player will forfeit the return of the jersey fee.



Program payment can be made in one of the following methods:

  • Electronic Bank Transfer (our preferred method as it provides the most security): make your payment online using the following email address:   You will be asked to provide a password. PLEASE keep this as simple as possible ie: what night is this for? or "what sport do we play?". If you want something more complex, please send us an email with the exact password.
  • In person, by cash or cheque*: contact the administrator by email to co ordinate a time to meet. Typically we are at our weekly game locations 1/2 hour prior to the start of the game.
  • By mail (cheques* only s.v.p.): contact the administrator by email to obtain a mailing address to send your payment. Please follow up with a second email to let us know that payment is on its way (so we look for its arrival).

* Notice: All cheques should be made payable to Peter Walsworth


Payment due dates have been added to the schedule of each program posted on the CH website. They are also attached to every session notice sent by email and on social media. Three weeks prior to a registration date, the convener will send out a reminder notice to the network. LATE PAYMENTS (without prior approval from the administrator) are subject to a $25.00 late payment fee. Please make your payments in full and on time.



Deferred or split payments are available to members who request a little more time to pay for their program. The player MUST make a request (by email) to the administrator prior to the payment due date to be considered for this benefit.

Note: A service fee of $25.00 will apply to this transaction.

Ez2Pay: Payment plan:

Our standard payment policy is to have each player have their session fees paid in full - 2 weeks prior to the start of all programs. If a player requires extra time to make their payment, CapitalHockey can make arrangements to split the payments into 2 equal amounts.

The first payment will be due on the original payment due date. The second payment is due one calendar month after the official start date of the season. For more detailed information: click here


Once a session has begun, NO refunds or compensation will be issued. The programs are NON REFUNDABLE. There will be no compensation made for any missed games (unless caused by a city arena closure).

A player's "paid" session fees are not transferrable to another person or program in any way. Each paid registration is considered unique for purposes of payment.

A more comprehensive explanation: All programs run in conjunction through a rental agreement with the city. We are obligated to pay in advance for the ice time we reserve and as a result any player who joins as a full time member - those fees go directly to the city payment. The arrangement that CapitalHockey provides to its members is that we will host a pre determined number of games to which the player is free to participate, or decline. Our obligation as your host ends there.

Faulty Equipment: The convener of the program reserves the right to refuse any player who they feel is playing with unsafe gear. The player in this case will forfeit the game without any expectations of a refund or compensation.

Suspended and Expelled Players: Any player who has been issued by a convener, a suspension and or has been expelled from a program will not be compensated or reimbursed in any manor for the missed/ lost ice time.


Prior to the start of any program – the administrator will provide each member a seasonal update. This document lists the session game dates (start and finishing dates), game times and participation costs.

All other information (ie: arena locations, maps, rosters etc) can be found on the website at

Each Member’s Session is Unique

A member’s session may not always fall in line with the programs officially stated start and end dates.

There may be circumstances where players begin their session early or later than the group. Example: Joining at the end of a concluding program with the intention of carrying on through into the new upcoming session.


A member may join a group after a program has begun with the expectation of playing through to the conclusion of the scheduled program. Example: joining a program mid season.

In all situations, a member's session has officially begun with the participation of the first game they attend.

It is the players responsibility to stay informed of where each game will be played. All arena locations, maps and game times are posted at and
A Good Idea: Our game schedules can be printed. Store a copy in your car for quick reference.
If a player misses a game due to their own negligence, no refunds or compensation will be issued for lost ice time.
Players must be on the ice (and ready to play) no later than 5 minutes after the contracted start time of any game (ie: 11:05 p.m.). Repeated failure to abide by this regulation may result in the player NOT being permitted to play.



Players who struggle to maintain their game time composure (yelling, swearing, arguing etc), will be warned by the conveners about their demeanor. If corrective action isn't made and the player continues to play in an anti social way, the player may be suspended and/ or expelled from the group.

Note: EVERYONE joining a CH program is doing so to have fun (including the conveners). They do not expect to be berated, criticized or yelled at for the way they play or respond to a situation. This is a recreational hockey program. There are no cups to be handed out at the end of the game and we all work in the morning... PLEASE keep this in mind if you find yourself upset and ready to vent.



A player placed under suspension by the league administrator will not be compensated for any lost ice time as a result of the suspension.

Suspensions are levied to a member only by the administrator. This is a measured response taken by the administrator in context to the initial infraction of the leagues governing rules and regulations. The interpretation and enforcement of the leagues governing rules and regulations is at the sole discretion of the administrator.

If a suspension is deemed necessary – the member will be advised by the administrator of how many games will be forfeited. The member is NOT permitted to come to the arena or city facility during the time of their suspension (unless previously authorized to do so by the administrator). Failure to abide to these conditions will result in the immediate expulsion of the member from the group.

Members can only be suspended once during a session. Any subsequent action required may result in the member being expelled from the program.

There is no appeal process available to suspended members.


A player expelled by the league administrator will not be compensated for any lost ice time as a result of the expulsion.

League expulsions are levied to a member only by the administrator. This is in response to a major infraction of the leagues governing rules and regulations (ie: fighting, playing intoxicated, unsportsmanlike conduct, repeated suspensions etc)

The interpretation and enforcement of the leagues governing rules and regulations is at the sole discretion of the administrator.

There is no appeal process available to expelled members.